Hey everyone, thanks for dropping by! We’re a small automotive clothing brand based in Prague, Czech Republic (thats in Europe) and we’ve been around since 2009. This online store serves as a gateway for our international buyers, our main hub is at You can also find us on FacebookInstagram and Tumblr.

Here's some more stuff you might need to know about ordering, returns etc. Remember, you can always contact us if you have any further questions!

About our T-shirts

We use high-quality, 100% cotton T-shirts made by members of  Fair Wear Foundation. That means we exploit less third world workforce and that our goods arent full of cancerous stuff.

Placing orders 

Our online store is directly linked to our Paypal account so it only takes a few clicks to complete your order. You dont need to have your Paypal account in euros to order, Paypal will simply convert the final sum from your domestic currency. We are a propperly registered company (Shatsu Clothing s.r.o.) with a verified Paypal business account.


Please note that shipping can take some time to get from us in Europe to your place, especially if you're ordering from the other side of the globe. We use Czech post and ship all our orders via air mail and with a tracking number. We ship worldwide!

If you feel that the delivery is taking longer then it should then feel free to contact us regarding your tracking number. 

Taking care of your T-shits 

There are some rules you need to follow when washing your T-shirts to make sure they last as long as possible. These things are: Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle, Tumble Dry Low and Cool Iron. 

Return policy and warranty claim 

If youre not happy with your purchase you can return it within one month from ordering. To make sure you recieve your payment back as soon as possible we kindly ask to you to inform us about your return via e-mail or through our contact form which you can find in the menu above. We understand that delivery may take some time if you live overseas and we dont have any problems with returns even after the one month period given that the T-shirts dont show any significant wear. If the T-shirt shows any sign of damage from shipping or after the first washing please contact us immediately regarding your refund!


Please note that our European sizes are generally smaller then US ones, i.e. Large T-shirts from US will pass as X-Large in Europe. Here is the aprox. width and height of our mans T-shirts. If you`re not sure which size to order then contact us and we will help you with figure out which one will suit you best.

50cm x 70cm /19.7in x 27.5in

55cm x 72cm / 21.6in x 28.3 in

59cm x 75cm / 23.2in x 29.5 in

64cm x 75cm / 25.2in x 29.5in

Need to know more? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer any further questions!